The Man Who Ate A Car!

One time a man had a bet of eating a car. And his name was Leo. The bet was to somebody named James. James would eat a taxi and Leo would eat a car. The first one to finish would win the bet. If you won you would get a car or a taxi. If Leo won he would get a car. If James won he would get a taxi. As you can see this is a really bad bet.

Would you want to be in that bet? I would not at all if I were you.

But Leo did not know where to start eating. “I will eat it in my food,” he said to his self. James looked and cheated and ate it with his food too. Leo ate the tires in a hamburger. James cheated again, he ate it with his food also. Soon Leo saw him cheating over and over. He got so mad he gulped the whole car up. Soon his stomach hurt. But he won a car and even though his stomach hurt he was still happy he won a big prize he loved. When his stomach stopped hurting he was so happy he won the bet!

This is the end. Sorry, first book… kinda…


  1. Debbie Johnson

    Great job Bella! You have such a wonderful imagination! Keep up the good work and who knows you may be writing children’s books one day!

    • Bella

      Thanks I no they are super dooper Silly LOL

    • Bella

      Thanks! Look at my other posts. And thank you for leaving a little note to thank me!!! XOXOXOXOXOOXOX

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